"The Art Deco style fascinates me to no end. It encompasses symmetry, line and mass as well as floral and geometric treatments—it melds together all of my artistic sensibilities and my love for form, shape, and texture.

Dana Chester, owner/designer

Born and raised in Alameda, California, Dana holds a BFA from UCLA in painting, sculpture, and graphic arts as well as a supplemental graphic design degree. Fascinated with Art Deco since her childhood, through her tile work she has found a way to share this artistic passion with others.

While genetically I am an artist—I was the toddler who drew on the wall with my mother’s lipstick, and whose second-grade teacher made a special book of all my drawings—I am a self-taught ceramicist. (One summer session at Palomar College in 2002 and a lot of reading and experimentation.) I can paint, draw, carve and expertly wield a brush, but the balance of my clay knowledge has been learned via the proverbial trial-and-error method, coupled with valuable instruction from several others in the ceramic arts, as well as my materials vendors, who have patiently helped solve a problem or provide the right tidbit of info to move me forward.

The ceramics community as a whole is very open and giving. More experienced artists help those with less gain more. Techniques and glaze recipes are shared. Extra hands are eager to help when a difficult and/or large project has looming deadlines. My thanks to these unselfish ones.

And on that subject of thanks, I am compelled to share my gratitude:

To my clients, whether you have ordered one or dozens of molded tile, or trusted me with your custom-designed pieces: Thank you for giving my art a place in your homes and lives. I am honored—your love for my tile makes my heart sing. It is a privilege.

To those who have helped thus far in my journey—you have a part in my success and continued love for clay:

Karin Wilson, awesome friend, designer and fellow clay diva, who taught me to load a kiln so many years ago and who has encouraged me through thick and thin

Kat Kirby, my other clay diva and former studio mate, whose creativity is endless and infectious

John Kneifl, my mentor, fellow artist and dear friend, whose expertise and help with building some of my studio rigs is appreciated every time I use them

Ken West at Ken West Photography, for his friendship, creative eye, and fabulous camera skills

Art Schermerhorn, my "untrained labor" in California, who shared in many a project or thankless task (clean kiln shelves, anyone?) and made each hour more joyful

Lynn, George, and Steve at Aardvark Clay & Supplies in Santa Ana, CA

Wayne Abernathy, my landlord at my second studio space in Encinitas, CA

Nottingham Center for the Arts, San Marcos, CA (my first studio space)

Pam at The Ceramic Store of Houston, TX

Joe and Sheila, keeping the faith alive at the Tile Heritage Foundation in Healdsburg, CA

Mike Edison of Edison Coatings, for his fabulous metallic elastomeric products and helpful nature

Art (and Lori) of Works of Art Johnson in Redondo Beach, collaborator and craftsman, whose efforts made my designs come alive in glass for some very special clients

Frank Giorgini, tile artist extraordinaire, whom I have never met, whose book on hand made tile was my first, and still my favorite

The Deco Revival tile studio is the result of merging a love for the Art Deco period with the need to create. We have shipped tile to customers in over
​11 states, including Hawaii, and overseas to Ireland.

Art Deco Tile, lovingly made by hand